Drug War opinion and apolitical commentary by Daniel Boughen

Every once in a while, I have to blow off some (com) passionate steam, and this is where I come to do it. I post to stir your better natures, inspire your peace, and hopefully get opinion in the street to change. I am hoping that once you read what I have to say about prohibition, policing, social and drug policy, science, tech and the basic structure of drug laws, you may agree and wish to do something about it too. Speak in public to friends and family, tell your elected official, let’s make a difference.

To learn more about me, and what the heck I think I know about the fine art of Cannabis, Hemp, and the future of industry after the return of natural hemp products, follow me on Facebook, as I post what I find, good and bad about the Cannabis Conundrum that’s  called the WAR ON DRUGS.

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Legalize it, let Cannabis BE FREE.

Daniel Boughen





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More Canadians than ever before are in favor of ending the unfair prohibition of marijuana as the truth is revealed about the very real medical benefits of marijuana. Stand up, make yourself heard & claim your right to grow your own affordable, effective & safe medicine from Feminized seeds. Together, we can make a difference.